Port Numbers

The following list contains port numbers for well-known services as defined by RFC 1060 (Assigned Numbers).


<service name>  <port number>/<protocol>  [aliases...]   [#<comment>]

echo                7/tcp
echo                7/udp
discard             9/tcp    sink null
discard             9/udp    sink null
systat             11/tcp
systat             11/tcp    users
daytime            13/tcp
daytime            13/udp
netstat            15/tcp
qotd               17/tcp    quote
qotd               17/udp    quote
chargen            19/tcp    ttytst source
chargen            19/udp    ttytst source
ftp-data           20/tcp
ftp                21/tcp
telnet             23/tcp
smtp               25/tcp    mail
time               37/tcp    timserver
time               37/udp    timserver
rlp                39/udp    resource      # resource location
name               42/tcp    nameserver
name               42/udp    nameserver
whois              43/tcp    nicname       # usually to sri-nic
domain             53/tcp    nameserver    # name-domain server
domain             53/udp    nameserver
nameserver         53/tcp    domain        # name-domain server
nameserver         53/udp    domain
mtp                57/tcp                  # deprecated
bootp              67/udp                  # boot program server
tftp               69/udp
rje                77/tcp    netrjs
finger             79/tcp
link               87/tcp    ttylink
supdup             95/tcp
hostnames         101/tcp    hostname      # usually from sri-nic
iso-tsap          102/tcp
dictionary        103/tcp    webster
x400              103/tcp                  # ISO Mail
x400-snd          104/tcp
csnet-ns          105/tcp
pop               109/tcp    postoffice
pop2              109/tcp                  # Post Office
pop3              110/tcp    postoffice
portmap           111/tcp
portmap           111/udp
sunrpc            111/tcp
sunrpc            111/udp
auth              113/tcp    authentication
sftp              115/tcp
path              117/tcp
uucp-path         117/tcp
nntp              119/tcp    usenet        # Network News Transfer
ntp               123/udp    ntpd ntp      # network time protocol
nbname            137/udp
nbdatagram        138/udp
nbsession         139/tcp
NeWS              144/tcp    news
sgmp              153/udp    sgmp
tcprepo           158/tcp    repository    # PCMAIL
snmp              161/udp    snmp
snmp-trap         162/udp    snmp
print-srv         170/tcp                  # network PostScript
vmnet             175/tcp
load              315/udp
vmnet0            400/tcp
sytek             500/udp
biff              512/udp    comsat
exec              512/tcp
login             513/tcp
who               513/udp    whod
shell             514/tcp    cmd           # no passwords used
syslog            514/udp
printer           515/tcp    spooler       # line printer spooler
talk              517/udp
ntalk             518/udp
efs               520/tcp                  # for LucasFilm
route             520/udp    router routed
timed             525/udp    timeserver
tempo             526/tcp    newdate
courier           530/tcp    rpc
conference        531/tcp    chat
rvd-control       531/udp    MIT disk
netnews           532/tcp    readnews
netwall           533/udp                  # -for emergency broadcasts
uucp              540/tcp    uucpd         # uucp daemon
klogin            543/tcp                  # Kerberos authenticated rlogin
kshell            544/tcp    cmd           # and remote shell
new-rwho          550/udp    new-who       # experimental
remotefs          556/tcp    rfs_server rfs# Brunhoff remote filesystem
rmonitor          560/udp    rmonitord     # experimental
monitor           561/udp                  # experimental
garcon            600/tcp
maitrd            601/tcp
busboy            602/tcp
acctmaster        700/udp
acctslave         701/udp
acct              702/udp
acctlogin         703/udp
acctprinter       704/udp
elcsd             704/udp                  # errlog
acctinfo          705/udp
acctslave2        706/udp
acctdisk          707/udp
kerberos          750/tcp    kdc           # Kerberos authentication--tcp
kerberos          750/udp    kdc           # Kerberos authentication--udp
kerberos_master   751/tcp                  # Kerberos authentication
kerberos_master   751/udp                  # Kerberos authentication
passwd_server     752/udp                  # Kerberos passwd server
userreg_server    753/udp                  # Kerberos userreg server
krb_prop          754/tcp                  # Kerberos slave propagation
erlogin           888/tcp                  # Login and environment passing
kpop             1109/tcp                  # Pop with Kerberos
phone            1167/udp
ingreslock       1524/tcp
maze             1666/udp
nfs              2049/udp                  # sun nfs
knetd            2053/tcp                  # Kerberos de-multiplexor
eklogin          2105/tcp                  # Kerberos encrypted rlogin
rmt              5555/tcp    rmtd
mtb              5556/tcp    mtbd          # mtb backup
man              9535/tcp                  # remote man server
w                9536/tcp
mantst           9537/tcp                  # remote man server, testing
bnews           10000/tcp
rscs0           10000/udp
queue           10001/tcp
rscs1           10001/udp
poker           10002/tcp
rscs2           10002/udp
gateway         10003/tcp
rscs3           10003/udp
remp            10004/tcp
rscs4           10004/udp
rscs5           10005/udp
rscs6           10006/udp
rscs7           10007/udp
rscs8           10008/udp
rscs9           10009/udp
rscsa           10010/udp
rscsb           10011/udp
qmaster         10012/tcp
qmaster         10012/udp

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